It's better to be a SATISFIED WIFE

What you can expect

We've seen the numbers, and heard the statistics, we are aware that just under 50% of marriages are ending up in divorce. There are also a huge amount of singles frustrated and desiring greatly to get married. The question is what is the other 50% doing that's causing them to have so much success. Satisfied Wife is here to equipped you with the tools that will empower you to produce satisfaction your relationship. 

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Who should attend?

Single Women


If you are a Single Woman that desires to get married one day, this event is for you. It's better to be prepared and equipped for marriage, then to walk in totally clueless. The Satisfied Wife tour will help you prepare for your future status as wife. 


Married Women


Being a Wife comes with many great experiences, but if we're honest, marriage comes with many challenges. Successfully navigating through the challenges that comes with marriage requires knowledge, application, and wisdom. The Satisfied Wife will supply you with the tools needed to be Satisfied in Marriage. 

Separated or Divorced


If you have done all you can do to save your marriage and it continues to get worse, the Satisfied Wife Tour is for you. Unfortunately, some marriages will fall into divorce, but thankfully many can be saved. Given the right tools you can successfully create the Marriage of your dreams.